Can I just say something on this Becstin thing real quick…


While all you guys are happy that Becstin may be a thing, which causes Camaustin/Ausmila not to be a thing, can you imagine how Camila is feeling? IF Austin was her first kiss and they did have something, how do you think she would feel seeing Austin almost kiss another girl on TV and her own “fans” happy about it? Stop thinking of yourselves for once in your life.



Oh boy…here we go again…I get that your band didn’t get nominated and you’re upset, but why do you guys ALWAYS bring Fifth Harmony into it?!

1.) I want you to go to the VMAs page and look at the categories…see where 5SOS and 5H are? That category is, “MTV Artist to Watch”, which translates to NEW ARTIST…and, how many YEARS has One Direction been on the radio? I’m pretty sure One Direction aren’t NEW…

2.) If you guys are so upset about it, then complain to MTV, not to Harmonizers or the 5SOS Family! We’re not the ones in charge of the nominations!

3.) No, One Direction isn’t better than Fifth Harmony…they BOTH placed 3RD during their years of X-Factor…But, being the Harmonizer I am, I’m going to ask…Can your boys hit those whistle notes that Ally, Dinah, and Normani can belt out in ‘Who Are You’ (Which I’m 99.9% sure you never heard of), along with Camila’s unique voice and Lauren’s husky-raspy tone? I’m pretty sure BOTH bands can sing live well, considering they were on X-Factor.

4.) You should be grateful for the amount of awards 1D already won…For 5H, they’re new artists, so they haven’t won any official awards yet…It’s pretty impressive that they’re going onto SEVEN tours, with no album and only two singles released so far, and Harmonizers are very thankful for the fact that they’re even nominated for the FIRST time for VMA’s…

5.) Lastly, even if 5H weren’t nominated…ONE DIRECTION STILL WOULDN’T BE NOMINATED…So, sit down or get out of our fandom!!



1.) How many times do you we have to tell you that…FIFTH HARMONY AREN’T COPYING LITTLE MIX! For starters, they’re not even in the same GENRE of music. 5H is going towards more of a R&B style and Movin On from pop.

2.) Stop blaming Fifth Harmony for being the reason that LM didn’t get nominated! I’m pretty sure it’s not their fault for being more known in the U.S (Since they originated there) compared to your band. Personally, I’ve never heard of LM until they toured with Demi during the NLT…

3.) Maybe the fact that they cancelled the NORTH AMERICAN part of the Salute Tour is partly the reason why for no nomination…Considering the VMA’s are always held in the U.S…

4.) Why are you guys slut-shaming the BO$$ video and calling our girls ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’ when that’s clearly not the meaning of those words? Last time I checked, sluts and whores are someone who go around sleeping with people, not for the clothes they wear. Considering that your idols are trying to support girl power (Does the song ‘Salute’ ring a bell?), I figured you guys could AT LEAST come to the agreement that BO$$ is helping to promote confidence and power to the girls. Not be the one they’re trying to go against…

5.) Just like I said to Directioners…Even if 5H weren’t nominated…NEITHER WOULD LITTLE MIX…


To both fandoms:

Don’t you dare come over to our fandom and blame 5H for the reason why your band weren’t nominated, when it’s completely out of their control. It’s more of a surprise to us that MMO was the reason for being nominated in the first place, and not BO$$.

If you want to complain about 1D or LM not being nominated for the VMA’s, fine, go ahead…But, don’t even think about bringing in Fifth Harmony or Harmonizers into the equation when we clearly had nothing to do with it.

P.S-Don’t judge a band based on ONE song, if you haven’t heard ‘Who Are You’ or ‘Leave My Heart Out of This’, and say their songs don’t have any meanings…Your argument is automatically invalid.